designing for different iphone screens

Four Ways to Deal With the Longer iPhone 5 screen

Don't know how to design for the longer iPhone 5 screen while also accommodating older iPhones? Read about the options that are most used by developers! Keep Reading...

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Free Game Art

Want Some Free Art? Submit Your Idea!

Have a game but no art budget? Submit your idea for a free art pack! Keep Reading...

retina images resized

Useful Image Resizing Apps For iOS Developers & Designers

Learn how you can save a ton of time by letting a mac app resize and rename your images for normal and retina screens! Apps discussed: Ship It! and Resource Helper. Keep Reading...

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Get your art prayers answered!

How To Hire An Artist For Your App Or Game

Learn how to find artists for your project: where to post a job listing; how to write the listing; and how to select the right artist for your game or app! Keep Reading...

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The iPad Retina Screen: Is It Worth Upgrading Your Graphics?

Will your older apps look okay on the new retina iPad, or should you upgrade your graphics immediately? Keep Reading...

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Get an image or photo and set it as your iPhone or iPad wallpaper

How To Set Images As iPhone or iPad Wallpapers

Learn how to take an image or photo that you see on the web and make it your iPhone or iPad wallpaper! Keep Reading...

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FAQ: How Do I Save Art For The iPhone/iPad?

Get answers to your basic questions about how to save art for an iPhone app, and avoid wrath from your programmer! Keep Reading...

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dogs wearing sunglasses

3 Reasons Why The Indie App Developer Community is Awesome

I went to 360 iDev this week, my first iPhone developer conference. It was, to be perfectly honest and a tiny bit melodramatic, life-changing. Find out why. Keep Reading...


Illustrator Vs. Photoshop for iPhone/iPad Art

I remember when I first got into iPhone art and graphic design, my biggest, most persistent question was "Which #@$&#$ program should I be using???" Unfortunately, it's not a completely straightforward answer. Which program is best depends on what you want to do. Hopefully this overview will help you choose the right program for your project, and save you some of the headaches I encountered when I was just beginning to learn how to make iPhone/iPad art! Keep Reading...

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