20 February 2013

Free Game Art: Flying Turbo Fish!

This is free art – it is under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Download the art here!

Flying Turbo Fish

free game art flying fish jetpack

A flying fish!

This art pack was created by Holly Jensen, who is currently accepting contracting jobs for mobile apps and games! You can contact her at hollytales@comcast.net, or check out her portfolio at http://hollyjensen.carbonmade.com.

There have been several requests for more art for side-scrolling games, especially characters with jet packs!

Holly loved that idea, and came up with a cool goldfish character that escapes his pond and goes for a jaunt.

He’s got turbo jetpacks to fly around with, enemies and objects to avoid, and even coins and bonuses to collect!

You’ll also find a repeatable background with an alternate variation, as well as background objects to add randomly to create more variation within the levels. Read on to see the whole pack!

free game art flying fish jetpack

A fish's dream: flying via jetpacks!

Suggested Game Play

The main character, a goldfish with some awesome turbo jets, flies through the level powered by the user’s taps.  The more the player taps, the higher he flies.

The user navigates him up and down this way, tapping to make him go higher or letting him fall to go lower. This fish is perfectly capable of “walking”, too – if he falls to the ground (the darker green foreground) he will drag himself along until the user taps again!

He must avoid obstacles such as crabs on the ground or lasers and blue jays in the air, and collect coins.  If he hits an obstacle, he dies. If he nabs one of the lightning bugs, he gets a boost and his jets change color (it’s up to you what the actual boost is – going faster, becoming invincible, etc).

You could also use the this set in a Mario-esque scroller game, or use the background and objects to create a level for a different gameplay.  You can flip any of the character sprites horizontally if you want them to face another direction.

Game Pack Contents

All of the following art is offered in two sizes: iPhone retina, and iPad retina. You can resize them as you wish!

  • Repeatable backgrounds – two variations to alternate between
  • Goldfish character – includes sprites for walking, flying, and dying.
  • Turbo jets and flames – a regular one and an extra cool blue one!
free game art flying fish jetpack

Here's our cool fish!

  • Background objects to add variety to your levels: 2 clouds, 2 grasses, a tree, and a bush
  • Obstacle: a rock for your fish to avoid when walking
  • Enemies
    • Bluejay – 3 sprites to animate flying
    • Crab – 3 sprites to animate walking


free game art bird crab animation

Watch out for birds and crabs!

  • A coin
  • Lightning bug – 2 sprite animation of a glowy bug; makes a great boost item to catch!
  • Laser beams: 2 ends and a stretchable cross-section
free game art flying fish jetpack

Lots of objects to populate the levels!

  • Pond scene with splash animation: a pond sprite, and a three-sprite splashing animation for use at the beginning of the level, for the fish to jump out of!
  • Mockups – so you can see how things go together.
  • An extra huge goldfish sprite for use in app store icons!
free game art flying fish jetpack

A mockup of a level


As always, I LOVE to hear about what games you make with the free art on this site- if you finish a game with it, send me an email via my Contact page or direct message me on twitter!

And if you need custom art for your own game or app and want to hire Holly Jensen, the artist who made this art pack, contact her directly!

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  1. J. A. Whye says:

    I can imagine recoloring the fish to get more and more grey as he boosts along, and then requiring the player to fly through a rain shower every once in a while to get the fish healthy again.

    Maybe even have “acid rain” that’s greenish that he has to avoid. Make one rainstorm and recolor — two uses for one piece of art! ;)

    Thanks for the free art, Holly!


  2. Simranjeet Singh says:

    Hi Vicki !!

    These art are really amazing.
    plz check the goldfishwalk-sprite-02-iPad.png(Ipad)
    is not the retina one,, kindly check and re-upload the arts


  3. vwenderlich says:

    Fixed – thanks for letting me know!

  4. unknown says:

    Hey i have develop a game on corona with your art work as a semester project so i wanted to thank you for your efforts its amazing can you tell me from where can i learn to create my own art work like you do?

  5. Hi Vicki!
    Just passing by to tell that i’ve lunched a game using some of your arts!
    I’m really happy with the results!

    I want to thank you for the nice arts and congratulate you for the good work!

    Feel free to share or publish the game in your page or any other place, if you want, so the readers can check the results too!

    Follow the link: http://onelifeleft.clay.io/

  6. kasula says:

    Hi, Vikki..!

    Art Work is Simply Super..!
    I made a Game With You are art Work. the Game out Come was Super. I made the Game for Fish to Fly Only. to Implement for Walking Fish i need a Static base to Walk.

    Can You Please send me the background-image-01.png only the Bottom grass as Separate png. So that the Bottom green Grass can made as Static and We Can Move the Background. The Turbo fish Will Walk on it.

    Please Consider my Request.
    my id : rajesh.kasula437@gmail.com

  7. Ardian says:

    Hey, is this a Crabby Potter up there? It’s him!

  8. Steve says:

    Hi, if i use this free art in a commercial project, what person/website should i put the credit on it? Thank you!

  9. iERC Games says:

    Great Art. Just released a game on Google Play market

    Check it out at:
    Carl the Fish

  10. Brian Bird says:

    Hey I really Liked your red crab I want to use it in an iPhone game. If I do I will give you credit for the artwork. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks

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