17 December 2012

Roundup 10: Games Made With Free Art!

5 more games!

Wow, our tenth roundup of games made with the art on this site – pretty cool! This time we’ve got a couple of holiday games, an awesome rocket mouse with a haunted-house twist, a colorful vocabulary game, and the first game made with the Super Kuwalio game pack!

Read on to see how developers have used the free art on this site!

Haunted House With A Rocket Mouse

Haunted House With A Rocket Mouse

by Paul Faulconer
using Rocket Mouse Game Pack, Cloud Jumper Game Pack

You are a mouse with a jet pack – fly past cats, ghosts, and haunted objects as you navigate a haunted house! Grab the cheese and bonus coins as you go. Paul Falconer added awesome cobwebs, peeling wallpaper, and cracks in the floors to make the Rocket Mouse art pack his own.

Check it out in the app store!

And guess what – Paul has sent over ten promo codes for quick readers of this blog!

Haunted House with a Rocket Mouse screenshot


Angry Koala War – The Ultimate Random

Angry Koala War

by Lan Pham
using Super Kuwalio Game Pack, as well as a bunch of others, including Monkey Jump pack and Robot Tower Defense.

It’s the angry koala war – what more do you need to know? :] Cute hero, lots of enemies.

This side-scrolling platformed game has random enemies and prizes, so the challenges are different each time you shoot your way through the levels. You will never play the same game twice!

It’s free, so get it in the app store here!

Angry Koala War screenshot


Christmas Memory

Christmas Memory

by DeBIA
using the Holiday Icon Pack

A simple memory game with a Christmas theme, using the Holiday icon pack! This one is an Android app.

It’s free – download it here!

Christmas Memory screenshot


Smash Santa

by Jahid Ferdous
using the Holiday Icon Pack

In this cute holiday game, you have to tap flying Santas as they try to take your gifts. The developer uses the icons in the holiday icon pack as the gifts that you unwrap. My favorite part, though, is that the gingerbread man is used to show how many lives you have :]

And it’s free! Check it out on the app store here!

Smash Santa screenshot




by Eyal Katz
using Monkey Platformer Pack, Slice The Fruit, Frog Lilypad, 4-in-a-Row, and more!

This app is a colorful word game that helps you master English vocabulary. Choose from three levels of difficulty and practice your vocabulary with many different levels.

Eyal Katz used art from many of the game packs on this site to give his game lots of different scenes and characters for the user to explore!

See it in the app store here!

PlayTiles screenshot


Want to make a game with free art?

It’s a great way to make your first app without spending a lot of money on art. Find all of the free art sets on this site here- there are tile sets, platformer sets, scrolling sets… go see if one of them fits that game idea you’ve been thinking of!

And when you finish a game, I’d love to see it! You can use my Contact form to send me a link to your game or app. I will likely feature it in a future roundup!

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  1. Tasnim ahmed says:

    So many thanks for publishing.i am the developer of Smash Santa.your free Art really helped me a lot.THANKSSSSSS!!!!!!!

    CUTE!!! :)

  3. Hi Vicky,

    Thanks for the great post. I’ve learned quite a bit from you and other developers using your art packs.

    We just released a game using quite a bit of your artwork: http://www.innowavestudio.com/go/supermatch

    I’d appreciate any feedback.


    p.s. Happy New Year everyone!

  4. Colin says:

    Hi Vikki,
    I am interested in using one of your pieces on art. How would I give you credit for just this one piece?

    Thanks in advance,

    • vwenderlich says:

      Hi Colin,
      That’s up to you – you can say “(piece of art) by Vicki Wenderlich” or just “art by Vicki Wenderlich and (other person)”. It’s flexible, as long as there is some kind of credit that’s fine. Thanks for asking!

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