14 December 2012

Free Game Art: Letter Tiles

This is free art – it is under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Type: iPhones, iPads, android, etc…

Download the art here!

Letter Tiles For Word Games

free letter tiles scrabble word game

What are you waiting for?

Have an idea for a word game? This set is for you!

This game art pack was created in response to a suggestion left on this post – if you have an idea for a game pack, go to that post and submit your idea!

There are a lot of word games out there that just use letter tiles and maybe a board. Using your imagination and these letter tiles, you’ll have your own word game in no time!

Suggested Gameplay

Since these are just tiles, there’s a lot you can do with them. Think Scrabble, Letterpress, TextTwist… I could go on, but there are lots of games that involve making words out of the letter tiles given to you randomly.

You could also use these in a spelling app, or as icons wherever you need a stylish letter.

If you want your letter tiles to have point values, add the number to the lower right of the tile. Give it a small light brown drop shadow so that it looks like it was pressed into the surface.

Note: this pack does not have a board to go with it. This is because there are so many types of word games, I didn’t know what people would actually use.

If you have an idea or request for a board to go with your tiles, leave a comment with the following:

  • What overall pixel size the board should be, including border
  • How many squares wide and tall you need
  • What size your tiles will be (how tall and wide the squares need to be)
  • Specific colors that you would like, if any

I will try to create any requests if I have time for them – keep them simple and I can make them faster!

Game Pack Contents

  • 26 letter tiles and a blank tile
  • 2 versions of each tile (different wood grain, for variety)
  • Three sizes: 67 pixels square, 134 pixels, and 268 pixels. Pick the one closest to what you need, and resize from there.
  • A 2048×2048 blank tile for use as an app icon (this large size is for the iTunes store). A suggestion: give whatever you put on the tile (a letter, graphic, etc) a light-brown drop shadow to make it look pressed into the surface.

Update: the pack also includes 3 double-width tiles: “Submit”, “Shuffle” and one is blank.

free game art word tiles

A tile for shuffling!


As always, I LOVE to hear about what games you make with the free art on this site – if you finish a game with it, send me an email via my Contact page or direct message me on twitter!

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  1. Tyler Hargett says:

    Thank you so much. That is exactly what i was looking for.

    Could you also potentially make a shuffle button and a submit button to go along with the pack. Like the buttons seen in most word games? So that 7 tiles and either a shuffle button or a submit button could fit in the same line?

  2. vwenderlich says:

    I added a shuffle and submit tile :] As for size, you can resize these and the letter tiles so that the right amount of tiles fits across the screen. I hope this helps!

    There are also blank tiles in the square and double-width size so that you can make your own specialty buttons if you need them.

  3. Emmy says:

    Hi Vicki:
    Thank you so much making these wonderful letters. I am going to use them in my phonics apps. Can you make the lowercase letters too? I hope it is not too much to ask. :)


  4. vwenderlich says:

    Hi Emmy,
    You’re welcome! I’ll put lowercase letters on my list, but I won’t be able to get to it until January at the earliest :]

  5. Richard Yeates says:

    These look great Vicki! They will go great in my toddler game. Thank you so much for all that you and your husband do! Cheers.

  6. vwenderlich says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to see your game!

  7. Maxim says:

    Hi Vicki!
    Great letters! I love it and would be happy to use!
    Do you have a vector version of them? I would like to make russian and polish alphabets based on your letters, so vector variant will make it much easier. Also it would be easier to make own buttons when you can cut off a letter from a tile.
    If you wish, I can send you the result, so you can publish it on your blog as the extension of the pack :)

  8. Ezell says:

    Thanks just what I was looking for :)

  9. Shane says:

    Hi Vicki,
    I just downloaded your letter pack and wanted to say thank you. I’m just learning programming with Corona and this is a great help as I enjoy work games. Thank you for making this available.
    Cheers, Shane

  10. Thank you! These are perfect for my lessons on reflection and symmetry!

  11. Panda2091 says:

    You are awesome, I was looking for something like this! I thought I would have to find a textile image and manual alter in order to get this effect. Thank you so much!!!!

  12. EURUSDog says:

    Beautiful work. Thanks

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