19 December 2012

Calendar Giveaway!

These puffins will be ringing in the new year!

One of my ongoing projects for the last 20 months or so has been a monthly wallpaper for readers of this blog.

It’s taught me a lot, encouraged me to explore Illustrator and Photoshop, and allowed me to create one piece of art each month just for me (well, and all of you!) rather than for our business.

By the way, there are versions of each wallpaper without the month on it, so it’s still a great place to find pretty desktop, iPhone, and iPad wallpapers!

This year, I have created an actual paper calendar out of my artwork. Some of the wallpapers had to be reworked extensively, and one of the months is completely new. But you’ll see a lot of familiar friends in this calendar :]

I mostly created the calendar to give as gifts, but I am also giving one calendar away to a reader of this blog!

To enter, simply comment on this post and tell me your favorite wallpaper of mine. The deadline for commenting is by the end of the day on Friday, December 21.

I will pick a random winner and mail it to you, anywhere in the world. Be sure to include your correct email when commenting – that is how I will contact you to get your address!

With luck, it will get to you by late December or early January, and you can enjoy 12 original illustrations all year :]

Here’s a peek at all the months:

Desktop wallpapers turned into calendars!

Thank you so much to everyone who has enjoyed my wallpapers – it was wonderful to hear that other people liked and used them!

P.S. – if you want to read more about the calendar, I also posted about it on my art blog.
UPDATE: The winner of the giveaway is Maurice – congrats! Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment, your support makes it fun to make art :]

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  1. Scot Simon says:

    Great work Vicki! You have to know that the December penguins are the best! You can’t get any cuter than that!

  2. I love October the most. Even though November is a close second, I just love the warm colors and the deer!

  3. I dunno about that. Certainly the Zebras (my favorite!) are in the running!

  4. the december penguins are my favorite too :) keep the free art coming!

  5. vwenderlich says:

    lol I love them too – they are on my phone and make me smile every time I see them :]

  6. Mohammed says:

    I was born in November and so I like the November one … :)
    Great work…

  7. Fran├žois Chalus says:

    My favorite one is the November one. It is really cute! Congrats for these great pictures!

  8. gary rith says:

    the zeeeeeeebras! that is my fave! pleeeeeeeeese let me have a chance to win! thanks, gr

  9. Manoj says:

    I like the november wallpaper, it always amazed me. Awesome work Vicki

  10. Maurice says:

    Really difficult to choose just one, but if I have to I would go for October. But the zebras are also cute!

  11. Silviu Odobescu says:

    I really like the Dear In The Afternoon(June). It reminds me of forests and mountains.
    Thank you for the great art you post on this website. Very beautiful indeed.

  12. vwenderlich says:

    Alright, the winner is Maurice! I’ll be emailing you for your address.

    Thanks everyone for the comments, it was absolutely wonderful to hear which designs you liked the most! :]

  13. romox says:

    I love January the most. May is the second. Actually I love them all!

  14. Tom Chen says:

    I love the October, it’s very nice. Thank you.

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