15 November 2012

Free Game Art: Repeatable Background – Night Meadow

This is free art – it is under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Download the art here!

Repeatable Night Meadow Scene Background

This scene is intended to be used for side-scrolling games – the background repeats, and has two variations to alternate between.

It is also a parallax background set – the foreground and the background are separated, so that they can scroll at different speeds if you so choose.

It has two clouds and a moon for you to use in the sky, and a tree and some flowers to use in the foreground.

It’s a simple set, but can get you started on a side-scrolling game!

free game art repeating parallax background set

A night meadow scene that repeats and can have a parallax effect!


The art is provided for both iPad and iPhone, in retina and unretina sizes.

  • Backgrounds: two versions to alternate between. The heights are sized for landscape mode on each device.
  • Foregrounds: two versions to alternate between. Again, sized for landscape mode.
  • Sky objects: two clouds and a moon to populate the night sky.
  • Ground objects: a pine tree and some flowers to add variety to the foreground.



Please let me know in the comments if you would like more repeating background sets – if there is enough interest I can add to this one or create several other scenes!

And as always, I LOVE to hear about what games you make with the free art on this site – if you finish a game with it, send me an email via my Contact page or direct message me on twitter!

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  1. CT_Dev says:

    Hi, excellent.
    I am setting up some code for side scrolling repeatable-endless-parallax-small-games and your art will be spot on to use as visual aid in setting it all up and why not make a game with it! :)

    I for one would like to see more repeatable scenes-parallax-setups surely will use them :)

  2. vwenderlich says:

    Great, good to know that repeatable scenes and parallax setups are in demand!

  3. Mark says:

    Great work! I’m an indie developer building an educational/entertainment app for toddlers and am struggling with art since it is not my forte. I’d love to use your art with credit in my game. And would like to see more of the same!

  4. You do great work. Your work makes me feel at peace.

    I make apps for multiple platforms and I need to resize your image to get it working on the Nook and Google Play. Do you use vector graphics?

    • vwenderlich says:

      I do make the graphics in Illustrator, but I only offer the PNGs for free on the website. You can resize and crop the images using any image-resizing programs like Photoshop, etc. so that they work for your device.

  5. Mark says:

    I just noticed that the shadow on the tree is on the wrong side according to the moon’s position ;)

  6. vwenderlich says:

    Lol – true! However, since the tree is an object you place on the scene, I can’t control where it is regarding the moon in your app.

    Still, I could have gotten it right in my own image! :]

  7. Mark says:

    Even pros goof :)

    Your art is great. Wish I could hire you!

  8. vwenderlich says:

    :] Thanks!

  9. Daniel Egan says:

    Looking for an underwater repeatable scene.. Any ideas where I could find one?

  10. David Wylie says:

    thanks for producing good art (and giving it away for free!).

    I for one would love to see more. I’m writing an endless walker game to help my son with his maths. Never done a game on the iPhone before so whilst I’m playing its good to have interesting art work to use.

    Many thanks!

  11. Mayu says:

    Aww sweet. So good of you to give us such resources. I’m a newbie indie game dev, Gonna try this bg in my game.

  12. Mayu says:

    Ok I used this and developed a game over the last 3 or 4 days :) )


    Credits given too

  13. pons says:

    Nice art works

    For side scroll usually two or 3 bgs are used with tiling
    and u can add some for parallax also

    keep up the gud wrk.. madam Vicki

  14. Mark says:

    Sweet this is exactly what I need for a new game! Thank you sooooo much! This is awesome!

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