18 October 2012

Roundup 9: Games Made With Free Art!

The monkey is the star of this set of games made with free art, but this roundup also features the first game to be made with the Checkers game pack! You’ll see two fun math games for kids, and two cute game where you are a monkey trying to survive! Also, promo codes for a couple quick readers :]

Read on to see how developers have used the free art from this blog:


iLearn Math

iLearn Math

by John Oransky
Uses Slash The Fruit Ninja-Style game pack

A math game for kids of all ages, to help teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Earn coins for correct answers and use them to unlock backgrounds and icons!

If you’re quick, you can get it for free! Try these promo codes supplied by the developer for readers of this blog – once they are used, they are gone!

See it in the app store here!

iLearn Math screenshot


Checkers Plus

Checkers Plus

by Xiangping Meng
Uses Checkers game pack

This free checkers game uses the Checkers game pack for a great outdoorsy feel, like you are playing in the park on those stone tables. Try it out!

Get it in the app store!

Checkers screenshot


Banana Grab

Banana Grab

Uses Monkey Platformer game pack, Starburst App Background Images

Food and rocks fall from the sky as your monkey character is hanging out in the forest. Grab the fruit and avoid the rocks to survive!

See it in the App Store!

Banana Grab screenshot


Kid Maths Game

Kid Maths Game

by Yogesh Kumar Patel
Uses Monkey Jump and Monkey Platformer game packs

This game helps you practice addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication with a fun jungle-themed adventure game.

Get it in the app store!

Kid Maths Game screenshot


Ricky Monkey Runner Free

Ricky Monkey Runner Free

by DeBIA
Uses Monkey Jump, Slash The Fruit Ninja-Style, and Rocket Mouse game packs

This Android game is free, so go try it out! You are a monkey running through the jungle, jumping gators and snakes, and collecting fruit and coins, and smashing through obstacles!

Get it for free here!

Ricky Monkey Runner Free screenshot


Want to make a game with free art?

It’s a great way to make your first app without spending a lot of money on art. Find all of the free art sets on this site here – there are tile sets, platformer sets, scrolling sets… go see if one of them fits that game idea you’ve been thinking of!

And when you finish a game, I’d love to see it! You can use my Contact form to send me a link to your game or app. I will likely feature it in a future roundup!

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  1. Telmo Neves says:


    I saw your website and I was amazed by your graphics for games :) They are very good :)

    I saw some posts about tower defense games and I’m starting to program a tower defense type for android so I was wondering if you could make some graphics for me…

    I am not capable of doing them by myself since I’m not good at design and those stuff :(

    If you could send me for free, it would be even better. If I publish my game on android play, I’ll link it back to your website as a way to thank you :)

    By the way, my game’s theme is military elements like soldiers, tanks and so on… about the towers I’m not sure what could be done.

    Best regards,
    Telmo Neves.

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