12 October 2012

Free Game Art: Tower Defense Bunnies vs. Badgers

This is free art – it is under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Download the art here, or read on for an explanation.

Bunnies vs. Badgers Tower Defense


These bunnies won't give up without a fight!

This is a little game pack created for an upcoming tutorial on raywenderlich.com. They let me come up with the concept, and perhaps regretted that ;] 

What they got was a honey badger braving the arrows of some archery-adept bunny rabbits. Because, you know, honey badger don’t care!

Suggested Gameplay

The typical top-down tower defense game: the rabbits are defending their tower, and the badger is strolling along the path, trying to get to the tower before he is killed off.

Game Pack Contents

  • Tileable background image
  • Pathway “stepping stones”
  • A tower, complete with baby bunnies and the carrots that badger wants!
  • Two bunnies with bows and arrows
  • An arrow
  • Badger walking animation – 4 sprites

The art is sized for the iPad, but you can resize it for your device!


As always, I LOVE to hear about what games you make with the free art on this site – if you finish a game with it, send me an email via my Contact page or direct message me on twitter!

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  1. Thank you so much for using some time to compose “Free Game Art: Tower Defense
    Bunnies vs. Badgers”. Many thanks for a second time -Darin

  2. Hello! Congratulations on your beautiful work and for all the information. It helped a lot in my work.
    Thank you!
    Regards from Brazil!

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