14 September 2012

Want Some Free Art? Submit Your Idea!

Free Game Art

Get free art made for your game!

The free art on this site is created in response to the tutorial needs of raywenderlich.com – so it doesn’t always fit the game idea you are working on.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a set of game art made to suit your game?

Well, now you can!  

Submit your idea below in the comments for a set of game art you’d like to see.  

When I am searching for an idea for a free game pack for this site (like I am right now), I will look through the comments.  If I choose your idea, I will contact you for more details about your game.

Here are some things to know before you submit:

It Will Be Free For Everyone – Not Just You

Any art I make will be free for everyone to use. I will make it with your game in mind, but since it is made for this site, other people can use it too. This means there will be other games out there that might use your art. If you want custom art that is used exclusively for your game, do not submit an idea.  Instead, hire an artist.

Choose A Simple Idea

free game art connect four in a row board game iPhone iPad retina

Simple game, fun game pack!

The idea behind these game packs is that they help beginning developers publish their first game (or their first few). As a result, they are meant to be fairly simple, and something that I can make art for in a day or two.

This means your game is more likely to be chosen if it will work with a few characters, up to a dozen or so objects, and one or two backgrounds or menus.

See the game packs currently out there to get familiar with what I consider a simple game:
Rocket Mouse Game Pack and Squirrel Attack Catapult Game Art are good examples of the maximum suggested level of complexity for your submission idea.

It’s Probably Gonna Involve Animals

free game art monkey jump platformer jungle

Do you see any humans here? I think not.

Sorry, I don’t do people (very well, anyway).

I love animals and love drawing them, so that’s what finds its way into my favorite art packs. See Super Kuwalio and Monkey Platformer for examples.  

No animal in your idea? Don’t despair, I do games without nature too! I’ve done some board games, space games, and puzzle games with cool scenery. I’ve even done war/army-themed games, though those are not my favorites.

Give Me Some Creative Freedom

Free Game Art - Squirrel Attack - Main Level Mockup

"Make me something for a game like Angry Birds"

If you have your heart set on a specific character, animal, or theme, go ahead and include that. But keep in mind that if I don’t like the project, I will pick another – the more leeway you give me in coming up with ideas, the more likely I am to get excited about your game.

For example, when I created the Monkey Platformer game pack, here’s what I was asked for: “A platformer game where a character has to dodge falling objects and jump up on them to avoid being crushed. The background should scroll vertically.”

I got to come up with the idea that it’s a monkey, in a jungle, jumping onto safari objects.  That made me very happy :]

And… Submit!

Tell me your game idea!  This is what I need to know:

  1. The type of game (platformer, top-down tile-based game, side-scroller)
  2. The general concept
  3. Ideas for character/theme (and if it’s okay if I come up with something on my own)
  4. The device you are creating for

That’s it!  You don’t need to list out every sprite necessary – if I choose your game, I will email you for more details.

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  1. Sven says:

    I’d like some art for a FPS game.
    But anyway, I really like you make art for everybody! Keep up the good work!

  2. Andrew says:

    It’s not a game… but we’re working with artists on our funky wallpaper/greetings app, Bambu.

    We’d love you to be involved! If you want to sell a set of ten images in Bambu then we split profit 50/50.

    Download it and have a look at the kind of thing Bambu is all about – we think you’ll love it!


  3. Hi!

    There is an idea for an app that has been rounding my head for a long time and watching your post has reactivate it :)

    The fact is that it is a very simple game (in terms of characters i mean). It’s a kind of puzzle game where the main character is a frog (a funny frog :) ) whose objective is to cross a pond using “water lilies” (I’m spanish and I’m not sure this is the word I’m looking for, I mean a kind of leaf floating in the water)

    To add some dificult to the game I thought adding a kind of “enemy” of the frog… but I’m not sure which can be the best option.

    My idea is to develop it for iphone.

    So this is my idea! Congrats for your blog (It’s a recent discovery and it’s very interesting :) )


  4. Annette says:

    I’d like artwork that can be used to simulate water splashing when something jumps in the water. I like space backgrounds like you did for the starter kit. Something like different shapes, animals, etc. that can be modified (by art novices) or put together later to make new objects.

  5. Would be nice if you could make a Snail set with cute tree’s, it’s for my iphone game SnailSlide it’s a 2D side-scrolling game, thnx! love your art btw

  6. Drew says:

    - Zombies
    - Cows
    - Aliens
    - Capcom-ish “everyman” sprites ala River City Ransom

  7. Alex says:

    - top-down scroller, could be tile-based or pure random level design

    - oldschool look by some kind of Vectrex-style (comparable to geometry wars), means a neon glow (gaussian blurs etc)

    - a complete HUD and UI elements that also fit to this

    - Basic game concepts – avoid enemies, collect things

    - so a ship/player and enemies and power ups

  8. vwenderlich says:

    Thanks everyone, those are some great ideas! I will email you for more information if/when I pick your idea for an art pack!

  9. I always wanted to create a coloring game for kids. This will have different coloring pencils and the outline of things to color like house, dog, cat etc.

  10. unlying says:

    top-down tile-based rogue-like rpg
    Game like ADOM with single level that will be generated every time at random(partial). You have a person that can fight(without animation) with enemies(like vampires or orcs, for example) and get some bonuses from floor. So person can levelup up to 10.
    Looks like Desktop Dungeons for pc http://indiegameschannel.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/DesktopDungeons1.png
    Both Android and iOS

    Btw, your arts are awesome. Really. You are great.
    I made a game using your arts but stuck a little on Apple developer registration. So it has only google play version now. I plan to start distribute it via iOS store in October using in-app-purchase. Google purchase not available for SDK that i’m using now, so it is only paid and free version now.
    Here it is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.debia.rickymonkey&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5kZWJpYS5yaWNreW1vbmtleSJd
    Free version will be published today without internal store(so only basic upgrades)

  11. Louie says:

    Game Type: Tower Defense

    Game Concept:
    An animal who will defend it’s home from someone who wants to take it. What I have in mind is (using your koala as example) a koala who is living peacefully on the top of his tree and some baddie animals want to take over it. In order to defend the tree the koala will throw something to the invading animals.

    The tree and the koala on the left of the screen and the baddie animals coming from the right.

    The koala is stationary on top of the tree or maybe a throwing animation. Baddie animal/s left walking animation and maybe 2 different types of animal: one underling and one boss :)

    To summarize the game art pack will include:

    Player animal
    - facing right
    - Animation: throwing

    Something to throw
    - the player animal weapon

    Baddie animal
    - facing left
    - Animation: walking
    - Types: boss and underling

    - Player animal home

    - Gameplay will only be on one screen so a steady background is good

    - tree health
    - score
    - wave number
    - and anything else that you think will be good

    - main menu
    - victory
    - game over

    I leave everything to you because it ‘s much better if you have all the freedom you can when creating the art. The koala was just an example but using it would be great. :)

    I’m aiming to make this for Android but making the art for iPhone I think would be better as most people here uses your art for iPhone

    Thanks for having us submit ideas. :)

    - Louie

  12. MattVogtProductions says:

    my idea is maze game like art like a arctic art and neon maze game art something like that I need art for my Kickstarter project Matt Vogt’s Violent Maze Game. (Which needs funding…)

  13. Tuan Anh says:

    Game Type: Adventure

    A man who wants to be a manager of cinemas, he begins with a poor cinema. He must keep high income money for his cinema (if not he will be fired).

    To summarize the game art pack will include:

    A cinema
    - seat
    - background of cinema (it split because the game has many stage so we want to change background later :D )
    A character
    - gangster
    - a blind person
    - a nude person :) )
    - your boss
    - teenager
    - child
    - rich person (maybe he wears a dinner suit :D )
    - Animation: just sit and stand
    Description: When people sit we use the same sprite but when they stand we will change the sprite to some of characters I describe above
    Tools in gameplay
    - a circle with a leg inside
    - a circle with a hammer inside
    - a circle with a hand inside
    - a circle with a mouth inside
    - Animation: pressed and normal state :D
    - coin
    - cash
    - wave bar (it’s look like a wave bar in Plants vs Zombies game :D )
    - main menu
    - stage menu includes:
    + a character
    + a background include background and cinemas
    + circle
    Description: a character will start in a starting point and player choose a cinema they want to play, when they clicked a cinema, I will draw a path by circle from the character’s position to the cinema.
    - victory
    - game over

    Thank for your help :)

  14. Patrick P. says:

    Hi, I’m currently working on an doodle jump clone. So my idea for a sprite pack are sprites for an doodle jump clone :)

    So far, I hope that you could make some nice sprites.

    Thank you,

  15. Paraglider VS Tractor

    there is a paraglider flying over some hills. some tractors drive by beneath. they are releasing heavy black clouds as they roll over hills. if those black exhausts hit the paraglider he could fall down, so he uses cans of paint to shoot down at the tractors, which are in fact “healed” by the paint and after being hit produce only clean air fumes.

    Your Headless Standup Programmer

  16. Tyler Glass says:


    First let me say thank you for creating this website! : D

    My idea has been in the works for quite a while, as I have been teaching myself how to program using Corona’s SDK for the past year.
    I have all the programming concepts down, and now I’m just hung up on the graphics( my artistic abilities solely confined to music and photography. ;)

    **It is a top-down 2D game.**

    The concept of my game is very similar to that of TinyTanks and the WiiPlay Tanks game, more so in relation to the Wii game – Player tank can be destroyed by a single hit, a set amount of lives which increases every 5 or so levels, as the game progresses enemy tanks become “smarter” and gain abilities.

    I want to keep it as simple as possible and not
    get too involved with multiple menus,
    options, etc.. etc.. Rather have a simple main menu screen, the player clicks “start” and the game starts, the player completes a level, a pop-up window appears displaying some stats, and the next level starts and so on.

    Possible theme ideas could include -

    1) Either a basic background-texture and
    barrier/s like those on the TinyTanks game
    Or I was thinking more futuristic styled
    graphics, tanks, barriers etc..
    *I have a futuristic styled tank and I’d be
    happy to email it to you as an example.

    2) Lego styled graphics and tanks (I thought
    this idea would be simple to design, graphics
    wise, but I’m not sure if that would be in
    violation of Lego’s copyright)

    3) More of a ‘cartoon-ish’ style, with text bubbles such as ” Booom!” “Zaaap!” etc..
    when a tank is destroyed

    In-game Objects –

    I would like to have multiple enemy tanks, not
    necessarily each one be different, but maybe
    have a slight difference in color and if possible
    Also I would like to have stationary turrets.

    The user’s tank would remain pretty much
    same throughout game, with possible
    weapon attachments, little ‘power-ups’ that could be picked up by the player which would then cause the turret portion of the tank to change into a different weapon such as a missile launcher.

    Hope to hear from you soon!:D

    • vwenderlich says:

      Have you checked out the free tank offerings already on this site? There are a couple “War tanks”-themed top-down game packs. Check under Free Art>Game Art to see all the free packs already created.

      • Tyler Glass says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. :)

        Yes, I looked at those packs.
        I understand the art here is free and to be used by beginners as a tool to get their games “up and running” so to speak, I guess I was just hoping for the possibility of more detailed graphics.

      • Ayyoub says:

        Hi VWenderlich,
        I am beginner in IOS and cocos2d. I just want to no the right tool to make the art for the games where I can find enough tutorials for pixel art.

        Thank you.

  17. Tyler Hargett says:

    1.top-down tile-based game

    2. A scrabble/ unscrabble like game with tiles for A-Z, Blank, and possibly x2 or x3 bonus tiles. Tiles fall down the screen, user hit the letters they want, and then makes a word with the letters selected.

    3. Any theme that fits a scrabble/ unscrabble game

    4. Iphone 4/5

  18. serge says:

    Hello (from France).

    Just a wall paper with a yorkie.

    My yorkshire terrier is named Victor.

    Yorkies will rule the world !

    Thank you

  19. teramo says:

    I have this game idea where the user has to handle traffic at a busy junction.

    The game board is an aerial view of a junction, and the game objects are cars, trucks, bikes etc …

    It would be nice if you could think about this idea and decide to make the art for it …

    Thank you,

  20. John Hall says:

    I have an app for Phase 10 scoring and i need a app icon or some ideas for that. it is an ipad app but am modding it to be a universal app.

    i would like an icon and a screen background maybe with cards or whatever moves you.

    thanks so much!

  21. Scot Simon says:

    Hey Vicki!

    I’ve been following your site (and Ray’s) for a while now. I’m working with the Space Game Starter Kit right now, and I think it would be fun to develop a side-scrolling adventure with an underwater/fish theme. You’d certainly have lots of flexibility, and of course the chance to create some aquatic animal art. Sea monkeys? Ha ha! A variety of fish and a nice parallax background and we’d be set!

    Plus, an underwater image set would be flexible enough to be usable for many different projects by readers of your site.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  22. phil says:

    hi Vicki,

    i just found your site and i am really impressed.
    i am sure that i use some of your work in my game(s).
    currently i am working on “bubblr”. it is already in the google play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.philweb.bubblr) but i am not happy with the graphics at all. it is sort of sticked together somehow …

    check out the gameplay video:

    i like the player character (dummy) and the tileset is ok, too. but evrything else is lame…

    so i would like to have some nice animated monsters that fit to the dummy sprite ;)


    and in a few days…. a happy new year!!

  23. zhengyi says:

    I would like to have some cute jumping up animal,
    For game like Doodle Jump.

  24. Glenghis says:

    I really like your graphics and thought I’d ask about a general animal pack. I have an few game ideas and one of them is a puzzle game which could be themed but I envisage it having an animal theme. I’m looking for cartoony style animals with at least 30 different animals which can be recoloured on the fly. The list should include cat, dog, crab, spider, dolphin whale rabbit, lizard, owl, fox, hippo, cow, elephant etc. In essence a pack of cartoony (more clip art style I think), easily recognisable but unique animals. I hope you can help.

  25. Alex says:

    Hi there! I love your art! I was thinking if you could make this. It shouldn’t be too hard. I would love:

    -a heart (as in your lives)
    -an animated fierce looking bird with its wings moving up and down (with all the frames)
    -an animated crab moving its legs and pincers (with all the frames)

    Thanks a lot

  26. Paul says:

    1. Side view
    2. A funny game where you sprinkle salt on snails that slide across the bottom of the screen. This would make them dissolve. You would try to get as many snails as possible before the time ran out. These same graphics might also work for the previously mentioned SnailSlide.
    3. A cute cartoony style
    4. For the iPhone

  27. Daniel Egan says:

    I am doing a side scrolling game called

    “The Adventures of Schnoo” he is just a “character” who swims in a water world collecting air bubbles to stay alive and sea shells as coins. There are friendly fish and fish to stay away from (Like puffer fish when they are puffed).

    I am adding levels but I am sooooo bad at drawing :(

  28. Reinier says:

    Love the graphics

    I’m working on my first side scroller game and I’m currently using the Monkey jump free art. I’m looking for an extension to the current pack and would LOVE to have:

    1. A girly version of the Monkey (his sweetheart stolen by the “big bad guy” – feel free to use your imagination, but maybe a bow in the hair, bikini top and skirt?
    2. “The big bad guy” – a bigger meaner version of Monkey or a Gorilla :)
    3. In general bigger images of Monkey, Coco (the girl friend) and “Buster??” (the bad guy) to make an intro comic type scene and transitions scenes for ipad retina
    4. A couple more bad guys would help too, the current bunch is getting beaten up too easily ;)

    MMmmhhmm hope that isn’t asking too much.


  29. Braulin says:

    Hi Vicki, great website and artwork.

    *top down tile-based game.

    *Guy walking around shooting zombies

    *1 main characte, and 4 or 5 different zombies or any idea you can come up with

    *iphone 4/5

    thanks a lot.

  30. Alvarez Wilfried says:

    Hello Vicky,

    I’m creating a simple but fun game for iPhone, however I do not have any talent for art :-(
    I would appreciate if you could support me for this app.

    An animal is jumping for a bridge along a waterfall, the objective is to go as fast as possible by avoiding the rocks…

    Thanks a lot

  31. mikex says:

    hi vicki !
    i am tired of searching one street background for game
    if you have time can you please make one, there are way to less backgrounds for street scene

  32. indraneel says:


    I have made a cards game for android.

    It would be cool if there are trendy cards images.
    Thanks !

  33. reda says:

    i want fps game sprites

  34. Maxim says:

    As an indie developer I can say what is often needed in many 2d games/apps:
    - buttons, buttons and… buttons. More of them, different ones. Wooden, metal, glossy etc. Think wider about buttons. Treat ‘em like tiles, like a background for letters, words, images and even small pop-up windows.
    - clouds
    - blocks/bricks/crates/boxes
    - wall, floor, ground and ceiling textures
    - trees, brushes, flowers, mushrooms and other nature background decorations

    Personally I would love to have a choice of such assets. Especially free ones :)
    Creatures and heroes are always unique, but this stuff could be taken from stocks and people would love to find it on your blog.
    And of course all of this is better to have in vector, because it’s much (much!) easier to modify and adjust them with the free Inkscape app, rather then struggle with pixels in Paint :)

    Wish you luck!

  35. Diego says:


    I’m currently learning Cocos 2D in my mobile apps class. I usually use the same concept for all demos I make: Feudal Japan Ghosts. It would be cool to be armed with a lot of art so I can concentrate on code. So… my submission;

    1. Side Scroller
    2. A shinto maiden exorcises ghosts in haunted houses.
    3. I usually borrow images from Hyakumonogatari Kaidenkai illustrations. I’m really not that picky about details. It would be cool to kinda have a Pocky & Rocky style.

  36. Riccardo says:

    Hi, I’d like to develope a puzzle game with physics such as Bomb Expert, Move the Box.. but instead of crates I’d like to use squared animal images like icons in this link: http://pfuispinne.deviantart.com/art/Pfui-Spinnes-Flurry-Extras-02-207307819
    - animals should be animated (p.e. blinking eyes)

  37. Haras says:

    HI. I like to develop a game that involves animated animals like dog and elephant . thanks. :)

  38. Martin says:

    Top view city pack

  39. David Sugianto says:

    Everybody baby to do in his chair. shoot food with spoon.

  40. Philip Roe Software Designs says:

    I am looking into making a Voodoo doll app.

    The user would name the doll then they could cartoon style torture it. Light is feet on fire, poke it with pins, smash its hands with a hammer, etc…

    All with suitable sound effects of course.

  41. mar blue says:

    I would like to submit my game similar to “Hill Climb Racing”. Its a side scrolling game. Feel free to come up with what ever you like.
    I am building this app for iPhone and iPad and Android.
    Thank You!

  42. Luis says:

    I’m looking to make a simple education game with trains. Basically, it requires an engine, a flat car (to put text boxes on), and a track. I’d like a side view, but I suppose the most popular perspective for other people might be overhead.

    Subscribed to your RSS feed. Looking forward to see more of your work in the future.


  43. Robert says:

    A running santa would be amazing :)

  44. Thomas Gulli says:


    It would be great if you expanded your traffic game art (http://www.vickiwenderlich.com/2013/04/free-game-art-traffic-jam/) with more cars, pedistrants, more advanced roads and maybe trains :D


  45. Courtne says:

    Hey love your free art but hoping if I could have a flying squirrel pack or maybe just the heads of the squirrels

  46. Yuri says:

    Hi Vicki,

    Me and some friends have started doing a side-scroller runner for the Android platform. The base game logic is done, we’re currently just implementing extra features and adding more items to the in-app store.

    The game is about a group of animals that run from a fire that started on their forest, every animal has their own properties and advantages. Currently we’re using your monkey (which looked awesome on the game!), and some other free art we found on the web. The game is not released so you’re free to make/suggest any changes.

    If you’re interested, send me an e-mail and I can show you some screenshots and even send you the APK, if you have an android device.

    We’ve been trying to find an artist for quite some time now, and we’d love if you could help us out on this task, we really want an artist on our side (:


  47. sami daoud says:

    hi , I am looking for a chicken invaders like game
    with a space ship not too complicated not to clear and various enemies like either animals or aliens
    and as always , your creative touch .
    thanks in advance

  48. Armin says:

    I’m thinking about a ocean game. it would be great to have some cute fish, Shark, jellyfish, seahorse, and so many of them.

  49. Armin says:

    what about bunny and chocolates and kids?

  50. Mark says:

    Hey Vicki,
    I am working on a free side scroller game and I need an animated dog/puppy. Not picky about the color or style used. Just need an idle(standing)/walking/running animations. Planning on using your Night Meadow. So as long is it works well with that background.
    Great site btw!

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