20 June 2012

Free Game Art: Tower Defense Robot World – Part 2

This is free art – it is under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Type: iPhone retina, iPhone

Download the art here, or read on for an explanation.

Tower Defense Robot World

free game art iPad iPhone Robot World Tower Defense

More robots are always better!

This is additional art in the same style as this art pack. If you haven’t seen that one already, go check it out – it offers more towers and robots, a background, and a cool explosion animation!

Part 1 of this game pack offered several towers and robots, all in a three-quarter view. But there was a request for a top-down view of a tower and a robot, which makes for easier programming and a different feel.

Along with the top-down tower and robot, you also get two new backgrounds, squares to denote placement areas for the towers, a red font that goes with the look of the game, and a couple of UI icons. Read on for the whole list!

Game Pack Contents

Everything here is sized for iPhone and iPhone retina screens.

  • 2 new backgrounds
  • Red and silver tower, one sprite
  • Four-legged robot enemy, three sprite animation
  • Blue-green square to place along the path to show where players can place their towers
  • Gold coin icon
  • Home base HUD icon
  • Red font

And here’s a mockup:

tower defense robot world free game art iPad iphone

Kill the robots! ...at least the bad ones.


As always, I LOVE to hear about what games you make with the free art on this site – if you finish a game with it, send me an email via my Contact page or direct message me on twitter!

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  1. Telmo Neves says:

    Hello Vicki,

    I’ll be using this graphics for my tower defense game :) When it goes live, I’ll post a link to download here ;D

    If you could had some other towers and enemies, it would be awesome or else, I need to redesign the only tower and enemy you gave here. Is there any problem in doing that? Plus, if you plan to make those graphics, please send me an email all right?

    Thanks for sharing your awesome work for free, only a few do what you do ;)

    Best regards.

  2. vwenderlich says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to see it! You can tweak or redesign any of the graphics as you need to, that’s fine. Good luck!

  3. Telmo Neves says:

    Ok, thanks for your answer :)

  4. Telmo Neves says:

    Hey Vicki,

    as I said on a previous comment, I’m making a tower defense game for my final school project.

    I have sort of a problem now: I like the drawings but I’m not good enough to make new ones based on these in order to draw new enemies and towers. Could you give me the file with this drawings so I can edit them? After I finish I would send them to you again with new stuff and you could add even more drawings to this article :)

    Reply to my email if you wish, I’ll reply as soon as possible.

    Best regards.

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