14 March 2012

Roundup 4: Games Made With Free Art!

Four more new games have been made using the free art found on this site! We’ve got Flash games, Windows Phone games, and of course our beloved iPhone/iPad games. Read on to see the creative games developers have put together!

Save a Mole

Save a Mole

Save A Mole

by Vladimir Sanchez
using Mole Whack free game art pack

Type: Flash

Save a Mole is a free Flash game on Doki Games. In a neat twist on whack-a-mole, you are actually trying NOT to get the moles squashed.

You get points for popping the moles up and then hiding them before the mallets come down.

Find out more here.

Screenshot of Save A Mole


Broccoli in Space

broccoli in space

Broccoli In Space

by Nikola Kirev
using the Space Flier game art pack and the Four Spaceships game art.

Type: iPhone and iPad 

In this quirky space game, your spaceship must destroy all the broccoli flying toward you!

The developer used background objects from one pack, a spaceship from another, and added their own broccoli and other images. A great example of mixing and matching art!

Find out more here.

Broccoli In Space screenshot


Tap The Mole

Tap The Mole

by Konstantinos Chalvantzis
using Mole Whack free game art pack

Type: Windows Phone 7 

Traditional mole whacking fun, with a few tweaks: Hit the moles when they pop out of their holes before the time ends. If you don’t touch a mole, they come out more slowly. When night falls, only hit the red moles!

Find out more here.

Tap The Mole screenshot


Fling It

Fling It

by Christopher Leiva of Leiva Games
using Cloud Jumper free game art pack

Type: iPhone and iPad 

This is a puzzle game where you slide a bubble around an obstacle course to gather three stars.

The developer used the cloud blocks from the free art pack to build the levels, and added backgrounds, stars, bubbles, and the user interface.

Find the iPad version here, and the iPhone version here.

Fling It screenshot


Want to make a game with free art?

It’s a great way to make your first app without spending a lot of money on art. Find all of the free art sets on this site here – there are tile sets, platformer sets, scrolling sets… go see if one of them fits that game idea you’ve been thinking of!

And when you finish a game, I’d love to see it! You can use my Contact form to send me a link to your game or app. I will likely feature it in a future roundup!

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