26 January 2012

Roundup 3: Games Made With Free Art!

A new crop of games made using the free art on this site have been released. This time, the games featured are not only for iOS; some are for Android and even Windows Phone 7. Read on to see how other developers are using the free art!

Johnny Banana

Johnny Banana

Johnny Banana

by Tobias Hassenkloever
using Monkey Platformer free game art pack

Johnny Banana is a classic Mario-style platform game, with the monkey character collecting bananas, avoiding traps, and defeating enemies. The Monkey free game art is combined seamlessly with other art to create a game with a variety of backgrounds and landscapes.

It is available for both iOS and Android, and the developer plans to add Ubuntu to the list soon.

Find out more here.

johnny banana screenshot

Screenshot of Johnny Banana


Tilt Tank

Tilt Tank icon

Tilt Tank

by James Buckley
using War Tanks Top-Down Tileset game art pack

This game is a top-down tile-based scrolling game. You control tanks and have to fight enemy tanks and destroy gun turrets.

The developer used the tank art set as a starting point and added tiles for other textures (like roads).

Find out more here, or try out the lite version.

Tilt tank screenshot

Screenshot of Tilt Tank





by John Rosewell
using Monkey Platformer free game art pack

Monkey! is a brain/puzzle game where you see a sequence of colors and have to tap the colors in the right order. 

The monkey character from the Monkey Platformer game pack is in the middle, cheering (or laughing at you?) as you complete the challenges.

Find out more here.

monkey screenshot

Screenshot for Monkey!


Space Battle

space battle icon

Space Battle

by Konstantinos Chalvantzis
using Space Flier free game art pack

Chalvantzis used the Space Flier art to create this shooter game made for Windows 7. 

Shoot or dodge asteroids and alien ships to earn points and stay alive as long as possible!

Find out more here.

Space Battle screenshot


Want to make a game with free art?

It’s a great way to make your first app without spending a lot of money on art. Find all of the free art sets on this site here – there are tile sets, platformer sets, scrolling sets… go see if one of them fits that game idea you’ve been thinking of!

And when you finish a game, I’d love to see it! You can use my Contact form to send me a link to your game or app. I will likely feature it in a future roundup!

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