5 January 2012

How To Set Images As iPhone or iPad Wallpapers

Some websites, including this one, offer free iPhone and iPad wallpapers. But how do you get the image onto your iPhone and set it as the wallpaper? Read on to find out!

The same steps apply for the iPad as for the iPhone.

Get an image or photo and set it as your iPhone or iPad wallpaper

Get an image or photo and set it as your iPhone or iPad wallpaper

Step 1: Navigate To The Image

First you need to find the image online, on your iPhone.  Open Safari if you’re not on it already, and go to the website with the wallpaper image.

Many sites, including this one, list all the resolutions available as clickable links.  Tap the link to the image you want to open it.  For the iPhone, choose either 320×480 or 640×960; for the iPad, choose 768×1024.

Note that the navigation bar at the top and the toolbar at the bottom will cover up the photo somewhat.

navigate to safari website image

Navigate (through Safari) to the web site and the image you want

Step 2: Save The Image

save image on iPhone

Save the image

Save the image by holding down your finger on the photo.

After a second, a menu will pop up.

Tap Save Image.

Step 3: Set Image As Home Screen

Set Image As iPhone or iPad Wallpaper

Follow these steps to decorate your iPhone with your new wallpaper!

Hit the Home key to close Safari.

Open your Photos.  The image you saved will be the last image in your Camera Roll.  Find it, and tap it.

Now tap the icon shown at the bottom left of the second screenshot (a little box with an arrow).  This brings up a menu of options.  Tap Use As Wallpaper.

If your image is not the correct size, you can now move and scale by dragging and pinching. When you are satisfied, tap Set. If you don’t need to move or scale (and if you get the correct resolution from this site, you won’t), just tap Set.

A final menu will pop up and give you the option of setting the image as the Home screen, the Lock screen, or both.  

The Home screen is the one with all your icons on it that you usually see.  The Lock screen shows when your phone is locked, before you swipe to unlock it.  

Choose which screen(s) you want by tapping that option.


Go try it out by setting one of these free wallpapers as your home screen! Note that for each month, a non-calendar version is offered as well.


Home is where the icons are

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    When i go to set the move & scale below the pic it won’t stay till I can hit the set button it just keeps moving back I to have a iPhone 5 ios5

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