18 August 2011

Free Game Art: Cloud Jumper

This is free art – it is under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Type: Universal iPhone/iPad.

Download the art here, or read on for an explanation.

Cloud Jumper: Vertical Scroller Game Art for iPhone and iPad

Free game art for iPhone iPad Vertical Scroller

Hunting monsters... in the clouds!

Sometimes you hunt monsters, sometimes the monsters hunt you!

This vertical scroller game has a cupid character with a few animations, some cloud platforms for him to jump on, and a monster or two to spice things up a bit.

Semi-transparent clouds float in the background.

Suggested Game Play

The concept is a vertical scroller: the Cupid character needs to jump from cloud to cloud to keep within the screen area as the clouds scroll down.

Free cloud platform art for iPhone iPad games

Three types of platforms

There are three types of clouds.

This lets you have several types of platforms.  For example, one could be stationary, one could be movable,  and the third could be “breakable” and fall away after Cupid lands on them.

Of course, there is a monster to shoot!

Actually, you get a bonus monster since Ray requested a rotatable monster right after I made this pack.

There are also three semi-transparent cloud shapes included. These are meant to go on the background, which should be a plain blue.

Alternative: Ray used this art in a side-scroller where Cupid must make it past monsters hanging up by the ceiling (the blue rotatable monsters). He had the monsters shoot laser beams at Cupid if he walked into their line of sight.


The color blue I used for the background is #62B7D6.

Game Pack Contents:

All of these are sized for iPhone retina or iPad. For regular iPhone just scale them down 50%.

Free character art for iPhone iPad game

He can walk, jump, and shoot!


  • Cupid character sprites, 158×157 pixels
    • Walking (2 sprites)
    • Jumping (2 sprites)
    • Shooting (2 sprites)
free monster game art

Bonus monster!

  • Cloud platforms: three types
  • Monsters!
    • Grey monster (2 sprites)
    • Blue monster (1 sprite)
  • Background clouds to layer over a plain background color. Three sprites.


And a mockup:


Mockup of free vertical scroller game art iPhone iPad

Shoot or be slimed...

I hope you find this art useful in your games and tutorials! If you make it into an actual game, I’d love to see screenshots :]

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  1. Cute and fun,
    reminds me of Super Marion..
    love it :)

  2. Hannu says:

    Nice ! Looks like it is a bit inspired by the old classic kid icarus ! like it.

    Will use some of your art for my memory game I am creating for my kids =)

  3. vwenderlich says:

    Thanks, glad you like it! Yes, it is somewhat based on the classic kid icarus :]

  4. wuze says:

    Thank you very much for your arts!
    I want to know if i can use your arts in my game
    please ?

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