28 June 2011

Free Game Art: Monkey Platformer

This is free art – it is under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Type: iPhone retina, iPad (backgrounds provided for both sizes).

Download the art here, or read on for an explanation.

Monkey Platformer Game Art for iPhone and iPad

mockup of game art

If the monkey doesn't move, he will be squished!

There once was a monkey, happy as can be in his jungle.

Then random objects started falling from the sky!

Now the monkey has to run and jump and push objects out of his way, or he will end up a smear on a jungle leaf.

It’s a hard life…

If you are a programmer, check out this tutorial on making a Monkey Jump platformer game using this art!

Suggested Game Play

Objects fall from the sky, piling up on each other and threatening to crush our intrepid monkey. Kinda like this game.

The monkey can run and jump and push objects out of his way.

His goal is to make it to the top of the screen without being smashed.

Of course, you can do a lot more with this art – have fun with it! Crop the background if you want a non-scrolling game; use the objects in a memory or puzzle game, etc.


There are images for numbers 0-9 included as well, for scoring or lives or height or whatever.

You will notice that there are two choices of backgrounds: a one-image background for simplicity (background 1), and a cool three-part background if you want to have objects falling among the grass (background 2).

Layered background mockup

Use the three-part background for a layered effect.

The grass stalks can be layered behind the ground/grass image, with objects in front of the grass stalks or behind them, or both.


Game Pack Contents:

  • Monkey character sprites, all 140×168 pixels:
    Monkey sprites for iPad iPhone jungle game 

    • Standing, happy
    • Standing, arms crossed
    • Pushing upwards
    • Walking left: two-sprite animation
    • Walking right: two-sprite animation
    • Pushing left: two sprite animation
    • Pushing right: two sprite animation
    • Jumping left
    • Jumping right
    • Dead
  • Seven jungle-themed objects:
    objects for iPhone iPad monkey jungle game 

    • Banana
    • Banana bunch
    • Pineapple
    • Backpack
    • Canteen
    • Explorer hat
    • Stone statue/idol
  • Background 1: A one-piece background for iPhone retina, size 960×2048 pixels
  • Background 2: a three-piece background set for iPhone retina:
    • Jungle background, size 960×2048
    • Grass stalks strip to go in front of the jungle background and behind the foreground, 960×150
    • Ground and grass foreground, 960×150
  • Backgrounds 1 and 2 but with a width of 1024 pixels, for iPad use.
  • Numbers 0-9


mockup of monkey iPhone iPad game

Is this monkey doomed?


As always, if you make a game with any of the art on this site and want to share, email me at vicki (dot) wenderlich (at) gmail.com with some screenshots!

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  1. brindy says:

    Couldn’t come at a more perfect time. I have just completed the gameplay for a ‘Monkey Swinging’ game and am waiting (patiently) for my wife to produce the game art/gfx. I think I’ll direct her here as a starting point. Thanks again for your contributions to the the public domain! :)

  2. charlie says:

    Vicki, great work! Love the style, really like the different layers of grass/leaves at the bottom too gives a great effect and look to it.

  3. Monika says:

    Great work ,I need some for same kind of work.If you are interested plz send me a mail on my id.

  4. Looks pretty nice ;)

    Would love a pack with ninjas from you, coz I like your style :D

    If you are interested in work orders, you can write me an email!

  5. vwenderlich says:

    Thanks everyone, I’m glad you like it!

    @Monika and CB – Sorry, but my main projects keep me pretty busy. I don’t have time right now for contracting work.

  6. I did a game with this!

  7. vwenderlich says:

    @Gilles: Awesome, thanks for letting me know!

  8. Noel says:

    Did anyone make the actual monkey jumping game yet? I would be interested to make the game if its not been done yet

  9. santhosh says:

    Very useful link. Thanks for giving such ideas..

  10. LAGORCE JB says:

    Hi !

    Thx for your Graphs !
    I have made a game on Android named “Another Step Beyond”

  11. Pietro says:

    Hello friends I am luckyhat games developer company will use these sprites to build this game when I finish the game I give you credit for Vicki, continue creating sprites that we will always create games.

  12. Pietro says:

    I am already finishing the game for android

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