17 June 2011

Free Art: Four Spaceships

Creator: Kirill Aliev from Switzerland

Four spaceships for your space-shooter game!

When I posted the Space Flier Game Pack, Kirill Aliev from Switzerland saw it and remembered some spaceship art he’d made for a game. He generously decided to add it to the pool of free art on this blog, so here it is!

Download the Four Spaceships Art Pack here.

The .zip file includes 8 images: four spaceships, with projectiles to match, as shown.

The idea is that three of them represent the player ship (so that you can have different classes like tanks, fighters, etc), and one (the purple) is the enemy ship.  Of course, you can use them however you wish!

Each ship and projectile is saved as a PNG in a size that should be perfect for the iPad or iPhone retina.

Alternatively, you can download the Adobe Illustrator file here, and make any changes you wish to the coloring or shape of the ships to customize them for your game, or save them in different sizes.

You can use this art in any personal or commercial game or project.

Thanks Kirill for sharing your art!

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  1. Very cool looking ships. The one on the right reminds of a game I used to play but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Kirill says:

      @Shawn Grimes The game you wrote about, was a part of the inspiration for that ship :D I can’t remember the name either :( Maybe it was something like space-invaders?

  2. Joe says:

    Was it Star Control 2? That was a great game with a whole bunch of different alien ships like these.

  3. Siba Prasad says:

    This site is very much usefull for developers who developing the apps to publish for Free.
    I want to create a frog puzzle game for both iPhone and iPad.Where the frog will jump from one rock to another on tap.If already another frog is in the rock then it should jump above the first frog.In this game the user has to solve the puzzle by jumping the frog. So my requirement is to Jumping the frog from Left to right and right to left with Short height and long height.Thanks alot.

    • vwenderlich says:

      Actually, my most recent game pack was a jumping frog for a puzzle game – check that out and see if it’s what you need! The length of the jump you would do programmatically.

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