18 May 2011

Free Game Art: Space Flier

This is free art – it is under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Type: Universal: iPad, iPhone retina.

Download the art here, or read on for an explanation.

Asteroids? Check. Aliens? Check. Flying cows? You're on your own.

Everybody needs to make a basic space game.

You know, dodging asteroids, shooting aliens, and zipping around in your cool little spaceship. With the iPad and iPhone, it’s a lot of fun to use the accelerometer to move the ship around.

This art was made for Ray’s tutorial on parallax backgrounds, which is coming out tomorrow!

It started as many of my game packs do: Ray waltzing in as I scrub my eyes blearily while drinking coffee, and saying “I need a whole set of game art! By this afternoon!”

When I give him the glare of death, he usually relents. “Okay, okay, by tomorrow? I need it for my tutorial!”

Suggested Game Play

There’s a lot you can do with the elements in this game pack, but the idea behind it was a side-scrolling game with a spaceship dodging asteroids and other objects.

There’s an enemy spaceship, blue and white laser beams if you choose the more violent path of blowing up your obstacles (add in a cool particle effect using Particle Designer for the explosions!)

Side-scrolling space shoot-em-up

There are several objects designed to be placed over a black background, to make it feel more like space. The idea was that these objects would move very slowly in the background.

In front of the background, a second background is “space dust” that scrolls at a moderate pace. It is a tileable image 2048×768 pixels in size.

In the very front, you can place stars that whiz by so it feels like you are going fast. You can also place asteroids and alien ships that will come at you. Ray likes to have the alien ship as the “boss” that shoots at you and you have to kill it to win the level.

Game Pack Contents:

  • Space Flier: this orange spaceship has five sprites:
      • two with small blue flames (animation for when his speed is normal)
      • one with medium blue flames (for when he’s powering up)
      • two with large blue flames (animation for when he’s going fast!)
    • Asteroids – I included three sizes, but you can also just scale the biggest one.
    • Three types of stars
    • Alien spaceship
    • Laser beams, red and blue
    • A “space dust” tileable image. 2048×768 pixels
    • Background objects: galaxy, spacial anomalies.  Meant to blend into a black background.
    • The mockup below showing how it might look

    Galaxies and spacial anomalies in the background, space dust in the middle, everything else up front!

    As always, if you use the art in this Game Pack and want to share, please send me some screenshots! I’d love to hear about it and I’ll probably mention it on the blog :]

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    1. Great art!
      Thank you Vicky :)

    2. Manoj says:

      Awesome art, nice work and thanks for sharing it…

    3. COOOOOOOOOL!!!!


      AWESOME ++++

    4. I MEANT


    5. Viraj says:

      Great work! Waiting to see Ray’s Tutorial.

    6. Nice Vicky,
      The asteroids have a look of impending doom on their faces, perhaps its the thought of the incoming laser beams

    7. Dev says:

      The colors are refreshing against dark gray backdrop … easy on eyes and should help keep the focus on the sprites while playing the game.

      Vicki, What software do you use?

    8. momochii says:

      Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

    9. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

    10. Niyaz Ahmad says:

      Great art and Waiting to see Ray’s Tutorial and new implementation with new feature

    11. Thank you very much! This is quality artwork and great for testing out a new game genre :)

    12. Hamza Arshad says:

      Great Work! I am definitely going to use it (Y)

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